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Expand your portfolio with alternative investments. Try Business crowdfunding.

Opportunities that were once privately reserved for wealthy and well-connected investors now are available through modern and easy to use platform. Earn real benefits right away, with little to no maintenance required from you!

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Simplify your lending operation.

No hidden fees

Regular income on your money with fixed monthly payouts. There aren’t any statement fees, deposit or withdraw fees, or any other small-type, weird-word fees. You get what you aim for, no hidden stuff. And what's even better, all done with immense speed.

Compliance is on us

As the marketplace of business loans, our reputation is at stake as much as yours. We’re dedicated to protecting both lenders and borrowers. We have AML and KYC checks in our system, at no extra cost, all automated and secure (managed by industry professionals).

We manage everything

Don't worry about a thing - during the lifetime of a loan we take care of all transactions and communication with borrowers. When disputes occur, our team of experts deals with everything for you so you can focus on more important things.


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Safeguarded funds

All deposits are held at a segrageted client funds account approved by our financial partner and fully separated from our own business.

Blazingly fast verification

Go through simple AML and KYC checks. You don't have to be accredited investor to use Wisefund services. Get real-life investing experience and start growing your wealth.

Predictable cash flow

Keep an eye on your cash flow with real-time updates about your portfolio. Get your funds as soon as you get return, whether interest or principal or make another loan and earn even more.

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Wisefund business loans offer fair and affordable alternatives for financing your growth and expansion plans. Get financed by members who believe in businesses and trust your growth.