Increase of current assets for construction company Part B

Still available:

€194 587.81


Interest Rate:

19.5 %





Loan amount:

€ 195 000

Interest paid:



14 mo.


Project description

After successfully closing ROUND A of its fundraising campaign SIA "ELL Energija" is launching ROUND B that will help the company with the next steps of its expanding plans.

Although economic activity has fallen almost everywhere, the construction industry not being an exception, they continued to pay the monthly repayments without any interruptions. And always provided necessary updates without a delay.

A Latvia based construction company with more than ten-year history of operations continues to grow and develop. It has received many new orders in Finland and Poland for the total amount of EUR 425.000.

To fulfill them, the company's work capacity must be at least tripled. Additional funds are needed to cover the expenses from the point it starts working on the orders until the point it starts to get paid. The company is looking to borrow EUR 195.000 over 1 year.

Besides, negotiations are already taking place for the construction of several apartment houses in Latvian cities for the total amount of EUR 2.300.000.

Project Management:

They understand how much a project of any size can cause stress and anxiety. Their team works hard to create and maintain a positive environment for everyone, most importantly their staff and of course, their clients. 

Why invest in them?

  • Team of 12 people working at what they do best
  • CEO of the team is experienced in his field of operations having over 15 years experience and a wide range of connections to provide these services
  • No Tax debts, confirmation of Good standing from its banking partner
  • The obligation of Quarterly reports from the Borrower to be updated on project development

Provided guarantees

(with the condition the project gets funded 100% of the target amount)

  • Commercial pledge on the company shares will be established in favor of Wisefund before the issue of the loan amount
  • Personal guarantee of the UBO

Possible risks

No mortgage as collateral. Company's assets and a personal guarantee together with Wisefund supervision of the project development is the only backing of the project (although, in case of suspicions of inadequate project management Wisefund by contract is entitled to request additional guarantee provision to keep the loan agreement active)

The borrower does not get paid as a sub-contractor (although, contractual partners are companies with large operations and not likely to fail)

Balance sheets, more information etc.

 Company data and previous years balance sheets are available on the Latvia Company register page. Please evaluate the Borrower carefully before opting in to lend to the Borrower.

Wisefund review didn't raise any red flags on the Borrower and it's projected repayment plan except the ones expressed above. The project is more likely to be completed without any issues but bears certain risks of failure. In the case of Borrower default, standard procedures of debt collection will take place.

For more information about financial data and project development plan, or any other question potential lenders would like to ask the Borrower, Wisefund has created a separate channel of communication with the Borrower through email Please reach out with any questions related to the project there. The borrower will take care of replying to them for better success of the project funding pace.

Company overview

ELL Energia is a company set up in 2007 to operate actively in the large-profile construction industry. From 2018, a board of directors was chaired by Florens Jansons, who manages day-to-day activity of the company from Riga. In addition, Florens Jansons is the official representative of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Central Asia.

The main areas of activity of the company are the design and construction of buildings (structures).

The company is cooperating with construction companies that carry out full-cycle construction by providing them with their human resources.

The planned turnover of the company in 2020 is EUR 2.300.000.

Sample repayment schedule

Participant’s investment:


€ 45.41


€ 16.56


€ 14.95


€ 16.56


€ 16.02


€ 16.56


€ 16.02


€ 16.56


€ 16.56


€ 16.02


€ 16.56


€ 16.02


€ 1003.73

Total expected return € 1 227.53

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