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First, register as a lender with Wisefund. Second, verify your identity. Once that's done, transfer funds into your Wisefund lender account. Once these steps are completed, you'll be able to loan to available opportunities immediately.

It's quite simple to lend on Wisefund:
Search our ‘Open projects’ and choose the businesses to which you'd be willing to lend (based on the interest rate, minimal investment, loan term and/or project description), then simply select an amount to lend and you're done. You'll receive interest payments as per schedule, and the principal will be repaid with the last interest payment accrued.
The funds will be transferred from your Wisefund lender account to the Wisefund account of the borrower. When the loan is issued to the borrower, you'll hold a loan contract. This entitles you to monthly repayments at the interest rate that accompanied the loan request.
There's no cap on the total you can lend to businesses on Wisefund. You can issue loans from as low as €10, although, the minimal investment amount is specified separately for each loan listed.
On Wisefund, you can lend to limited companies, sole traders and partnerships, who are seeking loans from €50,000.
We thoroughly review each potential borrower and only allow businesses to borrow if they've successfully completed a full, rigorous due diligence process and credit evaluation process. We base this process on validating key up-to-date financial information and ensuring the creditworthiness of each borrower posted on the site.
The interest rates available on Wisefund range from 5% to 21% depending on the loan opportunity.
All loans are issued at an annualized percentage rate. This is the standard industry means of displaying interest rates.

Repayments of interest are calculated using amortization. In simple terms, this means that interest is charged each month and on the principal outstanding.

Here’s an example.
You lend €100 at a 15% annual interest rate to the loan with a total lending term of 10 months starting March 1 and ending December 31. This interest rate is divided into a 360-day daily interest rate which would account for ~0.04167% daily interest rate on the outstanding balance.
Based on that, you'd receive approximately €1.29 interest earnings for the first month which would account for 31 days, and a total of €12.75 for the whole term. The key to maximizing your return is to redeploy your funds into new loans as soon as they're paid back into your Wisefund account. This will ensure that your money is working as hard as possible as well as diversifying your portfolio and minimizing risk.
You can read the main information about the Borrower on each opportunity page. Wisefund showcases short business details and more thorough descriptions of the Loan purpose, and in some cases, as long as it’s agreed with the Borrower, Wisefund may showcase more thorough information of financials and business plans. As Borrowers are businesses with established operating histories, you’re able to search the web for the available information on their financials and historical activities. If you’re uncertain about anything, you may direct your questions to the Wisefund support team at any time.
The first repayment you receive from a borrower will usually arrive less than a month after lending to them. All interest payments are credited to the lender’s account on the last calendar day of the month. Your lender account showcases all upcoming as well as historical interest and principal payments.
It’s important to remember that when lending to businesses, there’s an element of risk. Wisefund carries out extensive checks so only creditworthy businesses can borrow on the site. To minimize the potential of risk, we advise all lenders to spread their money across several businesses. By lending only a small proportion to each business loan, you reduce your exposure. This is a key factor in successful lending on Wisefund.
No. We don’t charge lenders any fees. Wisefund earns commissions from borrowers for each successfully funded loan.
As soon as it opens for loan requests, each lending opportunity has its target sum and timespan detailed on the Loan details of each loan (funding target term may be extended with the approval of the borrower and current active investors) to get fully funded. In cases when the open loan request doesn’t reach its target by the funding deadline, Wisefund credits the Lender's account with the invested principal, and no interest is paid. Interest is paid only for fully funded Loan opportunities. Though, Wisefund also reserves a right to close current funding round at a certain stage as successfully funded, distribute loan to the borrower and open further funding rounds to continue initial target reach.
Interest is calculated on the amount you choose to invest in an open Loan request from the date you lend your funds to the Borrower even if the target isn’t yet met. These are the terms borrowers are signed to. Please note that in case the target of the loan request isn’t met, there’s no interest paid and the lender receives only the principal.
Only you as the actual owner of the lender account can issue loans to selected borrowers on the platform. Investing in the Wisefund platform is only possible if the user has available funds in their lender's account. If there are no available funds in the account, either because the transferred funds have not yet reached the account, or for any other reason, Wisefund has no technical means or legal ability to book any amount for any lender, nor to issue a loan order on behalf of a lender.
Nor does the platform offer any auto-invest possibilities. Loans can only be made in the amount of funds available in the lender's account at the time of the available opportunity and by clear consent of the lender.
It’s not possible to terminate a loan agreement. By investing in the project, you entered into an agreement with the borrower.

However, there is a Secondary Market where you can list your current active loan agreement where other investors can buy it. Though listing the loan on Secondary Market includes a fee to the Portal after successful sale. For quicker selling process you might want to add some discount on the principal to get interest from purchasing party. Let's say, you invested 1000 EUR into a specific loan, since investing you've earned 100 EUR in interest on that loan, and now you have a need for that money (principal invested) before the maturity of that loan. Listing it at a discount of 5% would attract an interested party willing to acquire your agreement and increase potential return beyond the initial applied interest rate. This means you would receive 950 EUR from invested 1000 EUR, forfeiting current pending accrued unpaid interest, but as you have already received 100 EUR in interest before, after successful sale your total income on the loan would be approximately 5%, i.e., 50 EUR.
Borrowers who have defaulted will be pursued with debt collection if the repayments are more than 60 days late. All the legal costs will be covered by Wisefund in a reasonable amount not exceeding 7% of the total debt amount. In case larger debt recovery expenses would accrue, further action and potential outcome scenarios will be presented to lenders to make a joint decision in the interest of protecting lending parties. To ensure maximum safety of our investors funds, we take great care of selecting borrowers and perform thorough due diligence on borrowing business and people behind them. Though these actions of historical performance review and background check do not guarantee a further future outcome, and each lending activity must be carefully thought through before being performed as once funds are distributed to the borrower Wisefund is not financially liable for reimbursing funds to lenders. In each defaulted case we will pursue debt recovery actions at best practices and enroll with borrowers in deep negotiations with lending party interests above all
A borrower can repay a loan early and at any time. In the event of such a transaction, you’ll receive the remainder of your outstanding principal plus interest accrued, until the end of the month in which the loan is repaid.
Secondary market is an internal marketplace where Wisefund users can sell their investments to other Wisefund users
The current purpose of the Secondary Market is to provide quicker availability to exit their portfolio for those who want it even if at a loss, whereas the buyers can acquire certain value loans at a reduced price.
1% commission will be withheld from the seller, a fee for the use of this product.
Secondary Market is available only to registered and verified users.
Not all projects will be available for being sold on Secondary Market as we still must get formal approval from our Borrowing partners even if they are not directly involved in the deal.
Go to your profile - > press on Sec. Market
Go to your profile -> investments -> press on investment ID number -> scroll down -> press button “Sell investment” A pop-up window will appear where you can choose the price your investment will be sold
If the loan has not been bought yet, then yes you can use button edit in the marketplace next to your offer. Or go to your profile -> investments -> press on investment ID number -> scroll down -> press button “Remove offer”
Only an entire investment can be sold, it cannot be halved or sold partially.
All interest payments will be divided by the actual project duration. Seller will receive all interest up to the date when the investment will be sold. The buyer will receive all interest payments after thy purchase the investment.