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A better way to grow your savings. A better place to get funded.

Wisefund builds secure bridges between lenders and borrowers. Mediating and monitoring investments presents valuable opportunities, secure transactions, and profitable returns. Our team’s vision will create a mutually favourable environment that benefits all parties.

Revolutionizing the Benefits of Business Lending


Investors - Our beloved community of finance providers expect promised returns on each penny invested. They analyze, evaluate, invest, and eventually, benefit from their investments with a steady ROI (Return On their Investments).

Borrowers - Small and medium sized businesses in Europe seeking to expand their business activities. Businesses want to focus on their business and want easy access and quick turnaround for financing. 

The Right Place to Invest

When Wisefund launched, the market was saturated with multiple platforms offering profitable returns on investments. To achieve our vision, we radically challenge the status quo in order to make finance fair and enjoyable.

Wisefund Fundamentals


Business funding requires a level of honesty with the investors, especially when you are dealing with the public and handling their money. Wisefund is committed to the principles of transparency, good governance and responsible behaviour. Investors know who’s borrowing and for what purpose. Wisefund believes the people who entrust their money deserve to know what's being done with it.

Established Businesses

Borrowers are businesses with established histories, operations, and assets. Wisefund doesn’t consider questionable businesses or crazy ideas. Our position offers reliable investments for industries that struggle to obtain quick funding from banks.

Wisefund also supports the added value these businesses create in the economy.


Wisefund does it’s homework. We know the beneficiaries, we closely follow transactions and project development, and we never involve ourselves with businesses that have questionable backgrounds. Of course, our three step buy back guarantee secures investments. Read more here.


Welltrado is a tool to track and monitor investments across multiple P2P investment platforms. Wisefund soon to be connected with Welltrado for lenders to be able to track and manage investments across multiple P2P investment platforms in a single dashboard.


Olga Bobrova
Olga Bobrova


Ingus Linkevics
Ingus Linkevics

CEO, Legal and Platform Operations

Diana Ozolina
Diana Ozolina

Customer Support

Georgijs Bodonenko
Georgijs Bodonenko

Head of Technology


Wisefund uses various professional advisers to conduct research prior to approving a project. Consultant services are tailored to each individual task, for example: legal, tax, business advisers and similar.

Establishing a cooperation with professional advisors providing services of business analysis of the businesses willing to raise capital on the Wisefund platform is essential for providing the best possible options to Wisefund users.

Wisefund advisors have years of experience in respective areas, including analyzing global and local companies in respect to their creditworthiness. Wisefund partners are assessing the major factors of applications, conducting a prima facie review of the documents of applicants, expressing requirements and completing a full due diligence on each of the borrower application.

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