Medical Supplies Import and resale operations

Still available:

€47 304.51


Interest Rate:

17.8 %


€52 695.49



Loan amount:

€ 100 000

Interest paid:



6 mo.

Project description

The borrower - an Estonian registered Special Purpose Vehicle structured as OU, incorporated for medical supplies import-export and online sale operations is looking to borrow €100,000 over 6 months for operational needs. 

Loan purpose: import and resale of medical supplies of antibacterial protective equipment and personal hygiene supplies.

A company buys goods at a factory from Asian partners and resells them at the customs warehouse without the customs clearance. It has quotas for a certain amount of goods and a fixed price for the following six months. The buyer will clear the invoice as soon as goods will arrive at the customs warehouse.

Since the launch of the order in production, the selling price has grown by almost 50% and continues to grow every day. 

Today, the demand for such products is unlimited and will remain so for at least a few more months.

The most profitable position is now with the manufacturer or wholesale buyer with a fixed price

Why this business, why right now?

The situation in the world around the new coronavirus is heating up to the limit. Governments of many countries are trying to control the spread, but unfortunately, coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is spreading much faster than humans can react and prevent the outbreak.

China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Japan, and Italy suffered the most, but the virus spreads so fast that we don’t know which country will be affected next. A case of the disease has already been confirmed in Estonia and there are hundreds of Europeans among quarantined around the globe. Containment has failed and concerns about the spread of the virus could lead to a pandemic.

We are entering a full war with coronavirus! - World Health Association claims - The virus is new but it’s capable of causing a great impact on public health, the economy, and society. If we don’t treat it as a virus with its own characteristics we won’t be able to fight it says!

Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, said: “Everybody should take a deep breath. It’s about preparedness. Practice good hygiene, wash your hands, stay away from sick people and use special protective equipment and disinfectants!

All mentioned above has created a huge demand for protective medical face masks and respirators around the world.

Authorities of many countries have encouraged people to wear face masks. Demand skyrocketed in the world forcing Chinese face masks manufacturers to reopen. Thousands of people are lining up to buy masks. Protective mask requests in Google and Amazon have grown thousands of times during the last several weeks. Not all masks are the same and only using certain certified models will help a person not to get infected.


There are certain risks associated with the Project.

The company is an SPV incorporated to complete this project. Here we shall talk about the specific risks which may be associated with this project. 

The major risks associated are highlighted as given below:

  • The stock from major suppliers is highly limited
  • There are timely delivery issues
  • There is fierce competition due to temporary supply constraints and large companies can afford more expensive logistics solutions
  • Risks on suppliers end
Strategies & Philosophies to handle the risks associated with Project.

The company is well aware of the risks given above and has the following techniques and strategies to handle or mitigate these risks:

Company has opted to purchase supplies from alternative suppliers by focusing to maintain quality as well. Secondly, all the larger companies have their overheads and other costs but the company has trade contracts signed, so the biggest issue is to deliver goods by specific terms. So the company is quite capable and confident to compete in this way. There are almost no alternative purchasing options nowadays and suppliers do not take new orders to produce. 

There are certain quality checks being placed during and after the manufacturing at supplier facilities and delivery, milestones are clearly communicated and agreed with the suppliers. 

Payment risks are mitigated by the policy of not selling on credit. On the other hand all the foreign payable amounts will be dealt through Bank LCs. 

Additional questions

For any questions that may arise, you are welcome contacting the borrower directly on a dedicated email channel Borrower representative will be happy to provide more information upon your request.

The borrower is looking for an opportunity to attract additional funds to complete the pre-order of a batch of products. In addition to the already paid, and ready to be shipped goods from Asian partners, they have reservations for an additional set of products.

The funds will be used to pay for 

  • single-use protective facial disposable surgical respirator masks 

N not oil resistant 95 = 95% of airborne particles filtered out
R oil-resistant 99= 99 % of airborne particles filtered out 
P oil proof 100 = 99.7% of airborne particles filtered out 

What equal to European certified P or FFP rated mask from 80, 94%, 99,5% of airborne particles filtered out 

  • Respirators with interchangeable filter disinfectants and antibacterial quartz lamps. 

Under the terms of the contract, the borrower has a certain quota of products at a price fixed for six months.

The company management decided to redeem the goods under the quota one-time and substitute delivery by freight container for air transportation.

Security and Collateral

  • Before the release of the loan company will register collateral on all shares in favor of Wisefund limiting borrower options to sell shares, obtain additional loan or make any other important changes without prior notice from Wisefund. 
  • Pledge of stock, owned by the borrower, will be established in favor of Wisefund.
    It will be done by concluding a notarial deed, where on one hand the loan will be described (principal amount of loan, interest rate, due dates of installments, ...) and on other hand, the stock will be described. The latter will be done by specifying the object (custom warehouse) where the stock will be kept.
    It is possible, that the stock fluctuates during the period of loan repayment, but the warehouse remains the same. Should the Wisefund choose to realize insurance, that is done in the enforcement proceeding, done in front of court. Stock is then being sold on auction and the amount obtained during the auction is intended for repayment of the loan.
  • Personal guarantee from shareholder
Details of Costs   

Cost of Goods EUR 83,000

Custom Charges EUR 0

Legal Expenses EUR 2,700

Warehousing and Logistics Costs EUR 12,000

Total Costs EUR  97,700

Total Funding Requirements EUR 100,000

As you can see that a funding of EUR 100,000 is being sought to execute the Project. Funding is being sought in the form of a loan from the crowdfunding marketplace at an interest rate of 17.80% for a term of six months. In the term of six months, the loan is expected to be returned with all interest and capital payments. The Project is expected to generate good revenue and return on investment. The project is expected to not only repay its funding/loan but also earn profit for the company.

The loan repayment schedule is available in the Loan agreement example available before submitting the final order of funding.

Wisefund Guarantees

Current project is not covered with the Buy-Back guarantee, and an Early exit guarantee is a subject to availability in the future, currently, not available. Above are mentioned guarantees which will be established before disbursement of the loan amount in case the application will reach its target amount. 

Sample repayment schedule

Participant’s investment:


€ 30.23


€ 15.11


€ 14.63


€ 15.11


€ 1013.65

Total expected return € 1 088.73

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