Mobile Ads Operations

Still available:

€107 819.59


Interest Rate:

29 %


€67 180.41



Loan amount:

€ 175 000

Interest paid:



12 mo.

Project description

With increasing consumers’ spending on media and entertainment, companies and service providers are increasing their investment in advertising their product and services through popular media platforms. With pandemics the mobile advertising industry is seeing a huge increase in ad views and online business development opening up a space for well established programmatic advertising companies for increasing their business.

In recent years, a robust increase in the number of mobile devices as well as the hours spent by consumers on their smartphones and tablets have rendered mobile devices as a fastest growing platform for advertising. According to the report by IMARC Group, titled “Global Mobile Advertising Market Report & Forecast 2020-2025”, the global mobile advertising market reached a value of US$ 66.6 Billion in 2019 with rapid growth projections for future years to come.

The company is looking to borrow funds for expanding on user acquisition and strategic partnership signing with investments into programmatic ad serving software improvement, more product offering and sales team hiring for further expansion.

In simple terms, programmatic advertising is using automated technology for media buying, as opposed to traditional (often manual and tedious) methods of digital advertising, and the borrower is raising capital to expand on strategic partnerships and acquire more supply (publishers) for its increasing demand (advertisers) as the latter are increasing their spending on quality sources.

Why invest in them?

  • Company operates in a rapidly growing multi-billion market
  • Excellent repayment history
  • Justified interest rate
  • Professional company management with a clear path of success

Use of raised proceeds

  • Technical/Engineering Compensation € 35,000 
  • Sales Team / Acquiring Compensation € 80,000
  • Marketing / BD Expenses € 30,000
  • Legal / Admin € 15,000
  • Intermediary fees € 15,750 

Plans detailed for use of proceeds:

  • Hire Sales executive with appropriate experience
  • Invest in improving programmatic ad buying software
  • Improve UI/UX and continue to add user features
  • Tailor product for B2B, and B2B2C sales: Buildout of APIs
  • Invest in initial data science to enable future AI capabilities


You are welcome to reach out to to get more details about the borrower or directly to the borrower (please request contact information from Wisefund support). We will share the contact information, website and more background on the borrower for those verified users who are interested in lending to this borrower.

Background checks, analysis of project financial projections and submitted data by borrower will be provided to those with interest of investing into this loan offer.

Proposed interest rate is higher than market average due to risks of collateral not being enough to cover the full loan amount including accrued costs. Though business objective is positive and expanding market allows to see it as a potentially profitable investment. Current payment discipline of liabilities plays vital role into onboarding current customer. 

Current year operations are growing rapidly with reasonable margin on earnings given all debtors will cover their liabilities towards the borrower. For more detailed data on borrower financials, please reach out to

Company background

Company located in Germany and operative since 2017 is hoping to become a leading Premium media ad network in Europe. Based in Germany, but rapidly expanding throughout Europe and aiming for global media network reach. Company is proud and known for a couple of main areas of expertise:

  • ad Placement quality - local, premium publishers (full control over where ads are placed). Highest Reach;
  • high view-ability ad placements. Better performance;
  • Rich media experience - engaging ad solutions customized to meet client marketing goals. Lowest cost per engaged user;

In the age of programmatic ad buying, it gets harder for marketers to stand out and perfectly reach one user they are looking for. Standard ads look alike and people tend to ignore ads more. Proof of standard ad ignorance is decline of CTR over years. Company operates with global tech platforms to offer a great variety of ad solutions, variable formats and engagement tools. Each campaign is dealt with care and great insight to deliver what is called the highest Return on Investment. Their benchmarks are user engagement and purpose creation for each ad unit.

Company’s Strategic Partners are highly trusted media owners who are capable of promoting global brands in the global industry. We align our strengths across strategy, R&D, services and support with a shared vision: to bring our joint clients reliable and innovative video and advertising solutions.

With already strong base of existing partnerships, company is planning to expand further its operations to other markets.

Sample repayment schedule

Participant’s investment:


€ 58


€ 24.63


€ 23.83


€ 24.63


€ 23.83


€ 24.63


€ 24.63


€ 23.83


€ 24.63


€ 23.83


€ 1013.5

Total expected return € 1 289.97

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