Loyalty Digital Card App eWolo - development and launch funding offer

Still available:

€350 000.00


Interest Rate:

12 %





Loan amount:

€ 350 000

Interest paid:



24 mo.



Ewolo App aims to transform the loyalty card and programme market bringing things digitally, in a clean and convenient way that everybody is used to nowadays. Endless number of cards, expired ones, no information on redeemed values, special offers, plus tons of individual apps/websites to follow the information on – all these struggles are just from a consumer side. Imagine the burden brands have on their shoulders trying to find and finance the most appropriate and affordable loyalty programme. Ewolo App will change that benefiting both, consumers and brands.

We, creators of the project, have imagined some tremendously advantageous products for everyday shoppers that will be free of charge to most of them while still keeping place for some premium features once the hype goes down the line.

Initially intending to name the app Folded, brand under which we initially released the website, now it is rebranded as eWolo, representing both, e-wallet, discount, wonderful solution and many more. We make loyalty management as easy to use as browsing your social profile. Everything at a glance and tap of a finger. No irrelevant ads or notifications – everything tailored to perfection and brought at the right place and the right moment.

🎯 Our goal is to connect brands and consumers in at most effective way.


£409B – total value or target market retail sales in 2020

14M Families and households spending £592 weekly in target market

Low competition and amazingly high potential


Brands have for decades relied on loyal customers. According to statistics, sixty-one percent of SMBs report that more than half of their revenue comes from repeat customers, rather than new business. This means investment into loyalty programme will eventually generate a positive return. But the struggle for brands is the vast cost of loyalty programme implementation, usually contributing to pre-ordering of physical loyalty cards, design development, strategy architecture, never-ending reissuance of cards to returning customers, hard to manage programmes and analytics, and many more time and cost consuming activities. With Ewolo App we bring everything digitally and conveniently. Instant digital cards, no long form filling for customers, location based brand locating, customized notifications based on interests, special offer and discount browsing, and for brands themselves, own programme management, detailed analytics, behavioural analysis, smart and tailored notification options for their customers, redeemed points management and payments – these are just a few of products Ewolo App will bring to brands and consumers.

We love the convenience of things brought digitally, and fully believe there’s no need to carry a full purse/bag of endless cards or pay for a new one each time a discount appears in a coveted brand shop.

Ewolo App aims to bring it all in one App, available to any consumer and bringing tailored and seamless experience with choosing and using loyalty cards and special offers from beloved brands.

We are on brink of a new era. Loyalty programmes have been present for decades, and now is a time for them to be brought fully digitally. Say goodbye to physical loyalty cards, forgotten and unused redeemed points. One of the most amazing initiative in the project will be the marketplace of exchanging redeemed points between consumers. Brands will obtain new customers while consumers will benefit from unused bonuses and convertible points.


We as project creators have by now invested and aim to invest more of own funds, but additional funding will allow to get to the market more quickly and potion ourselves in a timely manner. For that reason, we are ready to give up equity of up to 20% of the project in case of successful funding. For more details please talk with Wisefund support team.

App architecture is fully completed and app launch is planned by end of November 2021. Development of core management software requires additional investment before service can be rolled out, and will require 3-4 months to be completed. Currently, the team has full understanding and agreements with third-party service providers who will provide solution of virtual card issuance and at what cost, what regulatory requirements may appear and how they shall be handled. The service will require custom development based on experience from a trusted partner. Described services do not require licensing or regulatory approval at the moment, whilst some of the future developments do, and this is planned to be covered via distribution agreement with authorised and regulated service providers going through all the necessary due diligence processes. With all terms clearly set out and understandable, project creators are ready to sign with the necessary service providers as soon as there is the understanding of financial backing.

Business model

The project business model is based on loyalty card issuing fees, small loyalty card usage fee, business subscription plans and also premium subscription plans for consumers. In later stages, upon implementing payments system additional income on interchange fees is among revenue plans though it will require additional amendments to a business plan and financial projections based on the response of customers, number of app usage and loyalty programme participants.

The total number of retails purchase volume in the UK alone in 2020 was £409B. Target audience among consumers in the UK market alone is 14M families and households and 300,000 retail outlets.

We’re raising initial funds to cover the estimated costs for our core software development, integration with TTPs, brands outreach, team building, and app development costs with aim to launch project in first target market before end of 2021.

Join us on our journey to build a genuinely smart loyalty programme app.

To learn more, feel free to request our pitch deck by writing to our funding partners email office@wisefund.eu.

Problems we aim to solve:

🔴 Problems


• Endless amount of loyalty cards,

• Forgotten or lost loyalty cards

• Expired redeemable points

• Limited information access about awaited discounts


• Vague or costly analytical data on consumer behaviour

• High price and time of loyalty programme implementation

• Significant initial investment prior launching

• Untargeted delivery of special offers with costly advertising

🚀 Solution: Ewolo App – loyalty brought digitally

A secure, single access app to all brands, no repetitive information filling for each outlet, no lost of forgotten cards, special offers delivered at the right place and right time, instant card issue with a tap of a button, exchange of redeemable points, and many more features.

Brands: behavioural analysis of customers, new customer retention based on location and behaviour, targeted special offers, low cost programme management, traction of all loyalty purchases with export function or convenient API connection to internal systems, and of course, increased sales at all times.

Use of proceeds

Our goal for 2021 is to build the app and core software, expand on team members according to the business plan, sign up at least 50 outlets and launch the project by end of 2021.

Project financials expect a total of funds raised by mid-2022 at 750 thousand euro to cover operational expenses after launch and achieve break-even within less than 2 years since launching.

Investment conditions for investors.

- To request and access Pitch Deck and Financials, the potential investor must have verified profile with Wisefund.

- Minimal investment is capped at 500 EUR

- All investments are loan based with repayment terms as per agreement. Pledge on the project’s company and all assets will be placed in favour of Wisefund and its investors prior to releasing raised funds.

- Most interesting and anticipated part of the deal is the option to have a share in the business. Any investment above 10,000 EUR (in case of successful target funding reached) can be converted to shareholding in the project. Project will allocate a total of up to 20% of equity in return to investment, and depending on the volume of investment, each eligible investor will be able to convert from loan-based investment to equity investment with secured name in project shares. This simply means that within 3-5 years your investment would be returned as earnings to the equity holder, and you’d still keep your part of the business. Wisefund will support all process from a legal perspective. Please read the agreement Appendix for detailed information on how and under what conditions a loan agreement can be converted to an equity investment agreement.

- Each investor has the right to contact the project owner individually, but separate (outside of the platform) investment agreements are prohibited without the consent of Wisefund.

Investment conditions for the project owner

- Wisefund will hold a board member to control each step of the project development

- Project owner will create a new company and transfer any up to date built project-related assets to that company together with the initial investment. After that Wisefund will invest equity capital and loan capital in separate transactions simultaneously receiving shares, pledge, board seat and equity.

- Wisefund performs due diligence on the fundraising parties but does not hold any position of advice-giving either to invest or not invest in the project. The decision stays upon each investor individually.

- Each investor has a right to access the project pitch deck and financials (subject to project owner approval and registration requirements) before opting in to invest.

- Investors have the right to contact the project owner directly to obtain more information, and the project owner is obliged to respond to those requests.

Sample repayment schedule

Participant’s investment:


€ 38.13


€ 9.2


€ 10.19


€ 9.86


€ 10.19


€ 9.86


€ 10.19


€ 10.19


€ 9.86


€ 10.19


€ 9.86


€ 10.19


€ 10.19


€ 9.2


€ 10.19


€ 9.86


€ 10.19


€ 9.86


€ 10.19


€ 10.19


€ 9.86


€ 1002.3

Total expected return € 1 239.94

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